Cap badge, British Columbia Dragoons (Scully) , 3rd Canadian Infantry Division

brass with lugs marked Scully

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The British Columbia Dragoons (BCD) is a Primary Reserve armoured reconnaissance regiment of theCanadian Forces. It is based in Kelowna and Vernon, British Columbia. The British Columbia Dragoons are part of 3rd Canadian Division's 39 Canadian Brigade Group.

The British Columbia Dragoons perpetuate the 2nd Battalion, Canadian Mounted Rifles and the 11th Regiment, Canadian Mounted Rifles, of the Canadian Expeditionary Force.

In the post war reorganization, the regiment was renamed The British Columbia Mounted Rifles in 1920, and then to the name still carried today, The British Columbia Dragoons in 1929. Part of the reason for the change was to forever divorce the regiment from infantry duties. When the Second World War loomed, the regiment once again stepped forward.

The regiment was designated the 5th Motorcycle Regiment (BCD), and later an armoured car unit. Finally made into an armoured regiment, the 9th Armoured Regiment (BCD), they were deployed to Italy as part of the 2nd Armoured Brigade,5th Canadian (Armoured) Division. The regiment saw heavy action in the Liri Valley, were the first unit to break through theGustav Line in Italy, 1944, and helped smash the Gothic Line, holding Point 204 right in the centre of the line. Part of the "Spaghetti League", a term used by soldiers fighting in Italy after D-Day, they continued to fight until orders were given to move the regiment to the northwest Europe area. They served with distinction until the end of the war, at which point the regiment was demobilized and returned to Militia service.


  • Melfa Crossing
  • Gothic Line
  • Pozzo Alto Ridge
  • Naviglio Canal
  • Fosso Munio
  • Conventello-Comacchio
  • ITALY, 1944-1945
  • IJsselmeer
  • Delfzijl Pocket

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