Shoulder flashes 11th Royal Canadian Artillery LAA (set of 2)

Regimental Designation

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In W.W.II 9 Bty fired both 25 pdrs and 105mm SP, with 3rd Field Bde, 11th Army Field Regt, 1st Canadian Corps Artillery, both in Italy, where at one time they were part of the 8th Army, the “Desert Rats”, and later in Northwest Europe as part of the 1st Canadian Army Artillery. 15 Bty became part of the 7th Anti-Tank Regt and saw action with 2, 6, and 17 pdrs and the M-10 SP 3 in. 23 Bty served with both 1st and 5th Med Regts firing 6in. how. And 5.5 gun while 25 Bty with similar weapons served with 18th Fd Regt and 2nd Med Regt, 1st AGRA. Both 30 and 53 Btys became LAA btys with 40mm Bofors, one with 6 LAA Regt, 2nd Corps Artillery and the other with 4th Fd Regt, 3rd LAA Regt, 2 Div and 11th LAA Regt.

Throughout World War II a reserve regiment was maintained in Toronto to recruit and train replacements for the batteries overseas.

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