M1909 Kartusche für Karabinermunition (M1909 Mauser Gew 98 Ammo pouches)

Larger pattern pouches, Complete including internal clip separators(one missing) one Dated for 1915


BACKGROUND: The M1909 ammo pouch was issued in two design variants: a smaller pattern, intended for use by mountain troops and cavalry, which held thirty rounds of 7.92mm ammunition, and a larger version, for infantry, which held forty-five rounds. Front line personnel would each have been issued two of these. Engineers, motorized troops and foot artillery used the one-piece 87/88 pouch, and reserve, Landwehr and Landsturm units used the 88 and 95 pouches, which the M1909 replaced. All of these pouches were in tanned leather, until 1915, after which they were blackened.

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