M1892 Zeltbahn (M 1892 Tent Half)

square shelter half made of brown waterproof cotton canvas material and measured 165 cm x 165 cm. 2 rips that have been repaired and a seem is loose

€ 120,00

Since the material was mass produced in a width of 94-95 cm, the finished Zeltbahn consisted of two pieces joined at the center by a felled double seam and the edges were doubled over to a width of 7 cm for durability. In order to connect two shelter halves, 8 aluminum buttons and buttonholes were placed on each side. In each corner was a large aluminum eyelet (inside diameter 1.5 cm and outside diameter 3.3 cm) and 3 small aluminum eyelets (inside diameter 0.6 cm and outside diameter 1.8 cm), in the middle of each side were placed two smal eyelets. The small eyelets served for reception of six tent rope pieces (Zeltleinen) of 28 cm in length with knotted ends which created 6 loops through which one pulled the tent rope pieces. On the inside of the shelter half, in the middle, were sewn 5 loops, and near the hem were sewn 6 loops in incremental distances from the center seam of 2, 3 and 6 cm. These loops served for the reception of the shelter half line and neck cord. The 2 meter long shelter half guy-line was to be made of black colored hemp and came out on both ends in a knot. The 90 cm long neck cord was also made from blackened hemp and was firmly sewn at the center seam, 18 cm from the edge, and was pulled through the loops provided for it; its ends were wrapped with black twine to a 2 cm length. For protection from the rain, the shelter half could be draped over the shoulders and tied around the neck with the neck cord; in this manner the shelter half guy-line was also pulled through the 5 loops in the middle and was tied around the hips.

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  • M1892 Zeltbahn (M 1892 Tent Half)