WK 1 M 1887 Brotbeutel (M 1897 Breadbag)

minor staining, 1 repair to loop overall in good condition leather straps on inside dry and damaged

€ 95,00

The Brotbeutel is made with a single piece of cloth for the front and one for the back and are sewn together with another piece between so the bag will have two compartments and narrowed somewhat near the top. The flap was then put on. The flap has a single "D" ring near the top left side and a leather tab near the bottom, which allows the Soldat to secure the Feldflasche. Three adjustable leather straps hold the flap closed. Two button down belt loops are located at the upper edge near the corners of the Brotbeutel, the left reinforced with leather to help with the weight of the full Feldflasche. A third canvas strip was attached top center of the bag with a metal belt hook riveted to it that hooked to the belt for additional support. On the back is sewn two small "D" ring at a slight angle toward the outer top corners - these allow the attachment of the Brotbeutelriemen to act as a suspension/carry strap.

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