Kastenschloss Kaiserliche Armee Bayern 1914-18 mit Leibriemen (Beltbuckle with belt Army WW1 Bavaria)

This is a WWI German belt buckle. As used by the Army during the war. Of brass construction. The design consisted of a smooth surface. Two ropes, one inside the other, form a circle in the center. A crown is placed inside the inner most circle. The space created between the two ropes is divided in two. ""In treue fest""" Very nice detailing., unmarked, nbelt 102 cm long , buckle has original leather Tongue


The German army that fought in World War It was not in fact a single, unitary army. All the monarchies as a part of the German empire had its own armies. Since the unification of Germany in January 1871 most of them were under prussian command but, however, wear its own style of uniforms and insignias. The four German kingdoms that existed since the Napoleonic era - Bavaria, Prussia, Saxony and Württemberg - of course had its own armies until the end of WW I. The commander in chief in peacetime of each of these armies was the King. Prussia had the largest army of the four. After the unification and the formation of the German Empire, the Prussian army became the nucleus of the Armies of the German Empire (Deutsches Reichsheer). After the declaration of war, the emperor became the commander-in-chief of all the armed forces. By 1914 the German army fielded 50 active divisions and 48 Reserve-Divisions - until 1918 251 divisions had been created. 

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