WH Hautengiftungs salbe 41 (WH Container of Skin Detoxification Ointment 41)

Was issued to every german soldier to e kept in the gasmask can. ,This ointment was issued in both an orange (for use on the skin) and brown (for use on weapons and field equipment) Bakelite bottle, with a screw top lid, which was attached to the body by means of a thin cord. Underneath the lid was a pointed tip opening, which offered pinpoint accuracy when applying to the affected area. The bottles also featured a paper instruction label to the face.dated on bottom 1944


'Hautentgiftungssalbe 41' in container, as intended for skin detoxification (Hautentgiftung). This ointment was used to detoxificate the skin after a gas attack. Orange coloured ointment flask

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