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Dose 'Hautentgiftungsmittel' bakeliet (Container 'Hautentgiftungsmittel' bakelite)

The box is approximately sized 7,7 x 2,6 x 1,5 cms. The box is complete with its original contents (10 tablets),

€ 10,00

Original bakelite box for skin detoxification (Hautentgiftungsmittel). Next to the Gasmask as a protective device, german soldiers were issued with skin and weapon decontaminants. One of the skin decontaminants was 'Losantin' (introduced in 1935). These were issued in a brown bakelite box which contained 10 tablets. It was used to detoxificate the skin after a (mustard) gas attack (Senfgas). its original label attached but damaged

Bakelite 'Hautentgiftungsmittel' box

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