Feldbluse ex 1940 Hollandische Armee (Artillerie) ROA (Wehrmacht Reissued 1940s Dutch Field Blouse Artillery for Russian Volunteers)

some minor wear, medium sized (fits mannequin),


 This was orignally a Dutch pre-war, so-called 'Grove Stof' combat tunic.The tunic is unmarked  The tunic has been reissued in the German Army and has been modified for Wehrmacht use, 2  pocketsflaps have been attached to the tunic, closed by the standard pebbled type wehrmacht buttons. There is a seven-button front closure using the same type of buttons. A lay flat collar with a metal hook and loop neck closure has been added to the tunic.  The interior is the standard Dutch grey-coloured cotton lining material. The field blouse is in used and worn condition, the tunic is dyed in a forrest green colour , see photos. These tunics were often worn by Eastern Volunteers within the German Army.

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