LW Tragetasche für Gasmaske Filter Einsatz (LW Spare gasmaskfilter carrying pouch)

Roughly, 11cm tall, 12cm wide, 9cm deep, woven, grey rayon construction spare gas mask filter carrying pouch with machine stitched seams and a fold over top flap. The front of the fold over top flap has two, evenly spaced, vertical stitched button eyelets with the corresponding rusted steel dish buttons positioned on the front of the pouch body. The reverse of the pouch has a machine stitched on, vertically extended rayon belt loop with a heavy grey rayon reinforcement panel to the reverse. The sides of both the fold over top and the pouch body have additional, fold over protective panels, inside flap has maker mark CNX markings. 

€ 35,00

With the development of poisonous gasses used as offensive weapons in WWI appropriate defensive gasmasks also had to be developed. The German WWI M1915 and M1917 gasmasks evolved into the Reichswehr era M24 gasmask and eventually into the M30 and M38 gasmasks used in WWII. All German Army personnel were issued with a gasmask, carrying canister and accessories and were required to have it readily available at all times. An essential component of the issued gasmask’s was the breathing filter which was screwed onto the alloy snout of the masks to filter out any contaminating agents. The filters came in four slightly different assorted models and spare filters were issued with a dedicated carrying pouch to be fitted on the weight carrying waist belt. Although the use of chemical warfare agents was considered by the German OKW, (High Command of the Armed Forces), fear of the Allies retribution forced them to reconsider and shelf the idea. Fear of the potential use of chemical warfare agents made the gasmask and canister a constant companion of the German soldier through-out the war.

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