Spende abzeichen 'Treue um Treue' - Saar 1935 (Tinnie 'Treue um Treue' - Saar 1935)

with original pin

€ 10,00

'Treue um Treue' Tinnie - Saar 1935. The official return of the Saarland with Germany took place on 1 March 1935 after 'Josef Bürckel' was appointed as the German Reich's commissioner for reintegration (Reichskommissar für die Rückgliederung des Saarlandes), this badge is a patriotic solidarity tinnie encouraging unity with the Saarlanders. The tinnie has a pin-back device to its hollow-back reverse. The tinnie is not visible maker marked, it's very lightweight, stamped from a thin metal sheet. Nice example in very good condition!

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