Landwehr Dienstauszeichnung 2. Klasse Schnalle or Prussian Landwehr Long Service 2nd Class Badge

blackened iron frame (making it responsive to a magnet test), 43mm wide by 24mm high and has a blue woven ribbon (UV-negative) with the yellow needle-work design (UV-negative)attached.  The yellow design is 2 Landwehr crosses with F.W.IV. centered.  Note that none of the stitching is outlined.  As originally awarded, this badge was often sewn directly onto the uniform.  Some recipients attached a pin-back to this award for easy attachment and removal.  Many recipients chose to sew it onto a blue ribbon along with their other medals on the medal bar.   The German standard reference code used for this award is "OEK 1978

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The Landwehr Dienstauszeichnung 2. Klasse Schnalle (often abbreviated LDA 2.) was instituted in 1842 by the Prussian King Friedrich Wilhelm IV.  It was designed to be worn slighly below the heart.  Awarded to Landwehr and reserve NCO's, there were three minimum requirements:  

  1. Twelve years minimum Landwehr service and    
  2. Participated in a campaign or at least 3 months active service and    
  3. Recommended by their Commanding Officer. 

In 1868, an Officer's Landwehr Long Service Cross (sometimes called the 1st Class, awarded for 20 years service) was instituted and the NCO award became known as the 2nd Class.  Prussian Cabinet Order, dated 4 December 1871, specified that it would be worn after all orders, decorations and campaign medals.   This rule was generally followed until this award was discontinued.  In early-1913, it was replaced by the Landwehr Long Service Medal.  It's important to remember that the Prussian active duty military had a similar award which is often confused with this one.  In many ways, this award is very similar to the British Long Service and Good Conduct Medal.

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