Polize BeVo Mutzen abzeichen M43 (Police BeVo capbadge M43)

mint unissued condition

€ 75,00

example of the specific police (ie. 'Polizei') 'M43'-type combined cap-eagle and cocarde, as was executed in the 'BeVo'-weave pattern and that comes in a mint-, unissued condition. It has the regular 'Polizei' greyish-/greenish colour and has never been used nor been mounted on a cap. The eagle itself is grey-coloured and comes on a greenish linnen (typical police green-coloured) background.

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  • Neat, police (ie. 'Polizei') so-called: 'M43'-type combined cap-eagle and cocarde, as executed in 'BeVo'-weave technique