Mutzen adler 1938 NS-Soldatenbund / Kyffhäuserbund / NS Kriegerbund (Cap eagle NS-Soldatenbund / Kyffhäuserbund / NS Kriegerbund)

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On March 29TH 1938 the DRKB was renamed NS-RKB, Nationalsozialistische-Reichskriegerbund, (National Socialist-State Soldiers League), by the NSDAP and amalgamated with most of the earlier veterans associations into one national organization. Uniform and headgear regulations of the DRKB/NS-RKB were introduced prior to 1933 and were modified again in 1936 and 1938. The 1938 uniform modifications introduced a new pattern national eagle for wear on the breast and the visor cap. The new eagle was almost identical to the earlier, (circa 1936), Soldatenbund, (Soldiers League), eagle but had the eagle facing to its left as opposed to the right facing Soldatenbund eagle

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