M1911 Preussen Schirmmutze (M1911 Prussian Infantry EM/NCO visorcap)

Nice quality, early, pre-WWI, dunkleblau wool construction visor cap with red wool piping to the top of the crown edge and a red wool horizontal centerband. The cap consists of a one piece circular crown with a four piece body with four vertical machine stitched seams situated at either side and the center of both the front and back. Wool body is in goodcondition with only a couple of moth nips. The front center of the cap has a stamped, alloy Reisches-kokarden in black, white and red with a fluted outside edge. The front center of the centerband has a Prussian state cockade in black and white also with a fluted outside edge. The cap has a black lacquered vulcanfibre visor with a raised lip near the forward edge. Visor is sewn firmly held in place. The interior of the cap is little rough see picsThe interior of the cap also has a tan sweatband. Sweatband has some missing parts The cap is roughly size 56.

€ 155,00

The Prussian army’s visor cap evolved from the enlisted mans "stable cap" in the early 1800's and was originally reserved for wear by Officer’s and Senior NCO’s with enlisted personnel being outfitted with a visor-less "Kratzchen" type field cap. In the early 1900's wear of the visor cap was extended to EM’s and Junior NCO ranks when off duty or in peace time. In 1907/1910 the German army introduced a new field-grey uniform, including headgear, to replace the previously worn dark blue uniforms. In 1915 after the outbreak of WWI the new 1907/1910 uniforms and headgear underwent minor modifications and were re-designated the M1915 uniform. On its introduction the NCO/Officer’s visor cap was issued with a branch of service, (waffenfarbe) colored centerband and piping. In 1917 the visor cap was modified by discontinuing the branch of service color centerbands and replacing them with a less visible green centerband for all branches of service but both versions of the caps were worn concurrently.

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