M1910 Feldmutze (M1910 Pork pie EM Cap)

M1907/10 pattern field grey wool construction cap with red wool piping to the top crown edge and a red wool horizontal centerband. The cap consists of a one piece circular crown with a four piece body with four vertical stitched seams situated at either side and the center of both the front and back. The front center of the cap has a stamped, magnetic sheet metal national tri-color (black, white & red) korkarden with a fluted outside edge. Also present is the original korkarde on the centerband. Faint Armee markings and a size 55-56. Nice example.

€ 425,00

the field grey Other ranks cap. The cap with red/scarlet piping and cap band. Complete with original cockades The interior with leather sweatband and cotton lining, this with faint Size 55 stamp. Overall GC

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