Zeitschrift Der Adler 2 juni 1943 Sonderdruck unverkauflich (Magazine Der Adler 2 juni Heft 1943 marked special, not for sale)

Flakfestung in Kanal , size DIN A4 , good condition, Unverkauflich

€ 15,00

The magazine was at its best and most interesting during the years of German ascendancy between 1940 and 1942. From that point onwards the Luftwaffe had less and less to celebrate and Der Adler tended to concentrate on the exploits of the Luftwaffe ground forces especially the burgeoning Falshirmjaeger divisions. This selection of the best of the English language articles from Der Adler provides a privileged glimpse inside the Luftwaffe during its years of triumph between 1940 and 1942

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