Spaten und Ahre Deutschen Jugend im arbeitsdienst

Ganzseitigen Kupfertiefdruck-Abbildungen. 255 Seiten. Leinen. Das Reichsarbeits- dienstgesetz - Die Organisation - Die Führerlaufbahn - Der Dienst - Dienst auf der Bausstelle - Arbeidsdienst in anderen Ländern - usw... 10 Karten. Selten !

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An antique book for German youth Spaten und Ähre ("Shovel and Pick"), dedicated to the youth organization Reichsarbeitsdienst (RAD), 3 Reich, published in 1937. The book contains a large number of photographs, a lot of information about the early history of postwar Germany, about the Foundation and structure of the Reichsarbeitsdienst (RAD) - created for the implementation of public works projects for young people in Germany. RAD later served as a paramilitary corps of engineers in the early years of the Second world war and in the later stages of the war even had its own artillery and anti-aircraft units. Introductory Preface to the book From Reichsleiter Constantine Hirl(Hitler's closest ally before his coming to power). Konstantin Hirl; February 24, 1875, Parsberg-September 23, 1955, Heidelberg) was one of the largest figures of Nazi Germany, the gruppenfuhrer SA (December 18, 1931), reichsarbaitsfuhrer from 1935 (head of the Imperial labor service, RAD). the format of 21 cm by 14.5 cm, hard cover. The Imperial labor service Reichsarbeitsdienst (RAD) was a national socialist organization that existed in the Third Reich in 1933-1945. In June 1935, every German boy had to undergo a six-month labor service preceding the military service. With the outbreak of the Second world war, the activities of RAD were also distributed to the girls. The Imperial labor service was an integral part of the economy of the Third Reich and a part of education in the spirit of national socialism. Since mid-1944, RAD has assumed the function of six weeks of military training. The head of the organization was Konstantin Hirl.

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