German - M 1871 Parade Seitengewehr (German M-1871 Mauser Parade Bayonet with Scabbard)

scabbard nice condition, etching on blade dark,no maker

€ 255,00

It was a Parade Bayonet worn on ceremonial occasions and when going on leave only. It has a higher quality finish than the issue M-71 Bayonet, has an engraved blade showing "Stands of Arms" and foliage etc. Its cross guard is nickel-plated and for all intents and purposes looks like its "Combat Cousin". However, even though it has a catch spring it has not been machined to fit on any rifle and there is no catch assembly whatsoever. It is really a Parade Sidearm made to look like a bayonet. It comes in good quality brass mounted leather scabbard and is a fine example with probably 125 years of age to it

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