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French military bugle Couesnon Paris 1938 marked

good condition, well marked

€ 35,00

mouth piece missing, Couesnon began in 1827 as the workshop of Auguste Guichard. In 1845 it changed ownership and became Gautrot, the prolific maker of cornopians in the mid-century. Gautrot then became Couesnon in 1883 just after Besson designed their archetypical trumpet. Couesnon built a widely copied quick-change trumpet some time thereafter using a rotary valve between the tuning slide and valves.

Couesnon’s French competitor Antoine Courtois also built trumpets in this design. Antoine Courtois, the world’s oldest band instrument company, passed to the Gaudet family who are still involved today although Courtois ultimately became part of the Buffet-Crampon group which also owns the J.W. York & Sons brandname today.

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