France - 1914-18 Commemorative war medal (Grande Guerre 1914-18)

The medal is made of bronze, round and measures 33 mm in diameter. The obverse shows an effigy of a youthful Minerva in profile, wearing the helmet of 1914 which represents France. She is crowned with laurels and holds a sword in her left hand. On the reverse is the legend: GRANDE GUERRE 1914-1918, surrounded by the inscription REPUBLIQUE FRANÇAISE.

€ 20,00

The 1914–1918 Commemorative war medal (or “Médaille commémorative de la guerre 1914–1918” in French) was awarded to soldiers and sailors for service in World War I, and to civilians who met certain requirements, for service between 2 August 1914 and November 11, 1918.

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