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Insigne 1er division blindée

brown wool backing

€ 5,00

The 1st Armored Division (French: 1re Division Blindée, 1re DB) is a unit of the French Army formed during World War II.

Dissolved for a first time in 1946, the unit was recreated in 1948. It was again dissolved in 1999 with the cadre of the professionalization of the French Military.

The 1st Mechanised Brigade (1re BM), created on July 1, 1999, inherited traditions of the 1re DB. The 1re BM was again dissolved on July 21, 2015.

The 1st Division (1re DIV) was recreated in 2016.

Insigne 1er division blindée

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  • Insigne 1er division blindée
  • Insigne 1er division blindée