Insigne Legion Etrangere 13 DBLE (Drago)

Drago Paris H119


The 13th Demi-Brigade of Foreign Legion (French: 13e Demi-Brigade de Légion Étrangère, 13e DBLE), was created in 1940, and, with the Senegalese Tirailleur Regiment of Tchad (French: Régiment de tirailleurs sénégalais du Tchad, RTST), one of the two regiments which rallied as a constituted unit of the Free French Forces (FFL). From the coast of Norway to Bir Hakeim, to Africa then the Alsace, while passing by the Levant and parts of Europe, the 13th Demi-Brigade would be part of most of the major campaigns of armed forces of France during the Second World War.

After having been engaged in Indochina from 1946 to 1954, the 13e DBLE joined Algeria, and left in 1962. The 13eDBLE was based until 2011 at quartier Général Monclar in Djibouti, in virtue of an accord between France and the Republic of Djibouti in 1977. During 2011, the structure of the unit was altered at the occasion of the move to the United Arab Emirates. In 2016, the unit garrisoned at camp Larzac.

Like all overseas (outre-mer) units, the 13e DBLE was composed in part of permanent and in another part of units in short duration (French: mission de courte durée, MCD) of four months. The particularity of this Phalange Magnifique was that unit's personnel in MCD are almost all issued from the French Foreign Legion. The vast desert spaces and facilities of inter-arm cooperation allowed a qualitative training of various units. Accordingly, units were able to further specialize their desert combat functions.

In 2016, the 13e DBLE joined Camp du Larzac to integrate the 6th Light Armoured Brigade. Accordingly, the unit was back again in the national territory that it had left at creation in 1940. It is also based at the same camp where it was first formed (and took its designation on March 27, 1940) by regrouping elements coming in from North Africa.

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