France - Insigne Forces française en allemagne

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The French Forces in Germany were French military forces stationed in Germany after the Second World War. Following the surrender of Germany at the conclusion of the Second World War, France was one of four powers allocated an occupation zone. The French zone of occupation (Troupes d’occupation en Allemagne (TOA) -- occupation forces in Germany) existed from the end of the war until 10 August 1949.[1][2] Subsequently, the French military stationed forces in Germany (Forces Françaises en Allemagne -- FFA) with headquarters in Baden-Baden during the period of the Cold War. On 30 August 1993, with the end of the Cold War and the collapse of the Soviet Union, the designation of these forces changed to "French Forces stationed in Germany" (FFSA) and most of the forces were withdrawn to France or disbanded.[3] Following another reorganization in 1999, the designation of the forces changed again and became known as the "French Forces and Civilian Elements stationed in Germany" (FFECSA) parallel to the creation of the Franco-German Brigade.

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