France - Postcard Reservistes de Camp de Mailly WW1


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In 1902 a large military camp was built in its territory. On 3–4 May 1944, during the German occupation of France, the town was subject to a heavy Allied bombing. During preparations for the Normandy invasion (Operation Overlord), 346 British Avro Lancasters and 14 de Havilland Mosquitoes of RAF Bomber Command attacked the German military camp situated near the village of Mailly-le-Camp. Although the target was accurately marked, communications difficulties led to a delay in the Main Force attack, during which Luftwaffe fighters intercepted the force. Subsequently, 1500 tons of bombs were dropped on the camp, causing considerable damage to the weapons and equipment held there and heavy casualties; 42 Lancasters - some 11.6% of the attacking force - were shot down - accounting for approx 300 personnel. No French civilians were killed in the bombing, although there were a small number of casualties when one of the Lancasters shot down crashed on a house.

France Reservistes de Camp de Mailty

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  • France Reservistes de Camp de Mailty
  • France Reservistes de Camp de Mailty