Canada - Helm tankbemanning RTR/RAC MK 2 (Canadian Tankers/Crash helmet RTR/RAC MK 2)

C broad arrow, size 6 7/8 E.W. Vero

€ 295,00

This helmet is constructed from cork and is covered by six panels of black painted canvas sewn together on the out side and six more panels of plain canvas sewn together on the inside. A canvas covered shock absorbing pad is attached to the front of the helmet flush with the rim. There are three rubber grommets, one to either side and one to the rear, that are placed into the helmet for ventilation. To the interior is a leather headband which has a khaki-colored cloth covered rubber strip sewn to its interior, forming a padding between it and the helmet. There are three web straps that have both ends attached to the walls of the helmet by stitching to form loops that are attached together by a length of lace.

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