Austria - Erinnerungsmedaille an das 70. Geburtsfest Sr. Majestät des Kaisers Franz Joseph I

a couple of small age spots; on original ribbon in the Austrian colours

€ 25,00

Circular bronze medal with laterally-pierced cylinder suspension; the face with the head and shoulders portrait of Emperor Franz Joseph I facing right, circumscribed ‘FRANZ JOSEF I. KAISER V. ÖSTERREICH’, signed ‘SCHWEROTNER’ (for Joh. Schwerotner of Vienna); the reverse with a scrolled plaque inscribed ‘ZUR / ERINNERUNG AN DAS / 70. GEBURTSFEST / SR. MAJESTÄT D. KAISERS / FRANZ JOSEF I. / 1900’ (In Memory of the 70th Birthday of His Majesty Emperor Franz Joseph I 1900) imposed on a circular wreath of oak and laurel

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