Spende Abzeichen 'Reichsparteitag' 1939 (Tinnie 'Reichsparteitag' 1939)

Nice tinnie made of zinc, maker marked by the company of Werner Redo , Saarlautern it is also marked with RZM M9/56
€ 12,00

'Reichsparteitag' 1939 Tinnie (Veranstaltungsabzeichen). The 'Reichsparteitag' was the annual rally of the Nazi Party in Germany, held from 1923 to 1938. The Nuremberg Rallies were held at the Nazi party rally grounds in Nuremberg from 1933 to 1938. This one was ment for the 1939 rally which would have been the 11th Party Congress and was given the name "Rally of Peace" (Reichsparteitag des Friedens). It was meant to reiterate the German desire for peace, both to the German population and to other countries. It was cancelled at short notice, being that one day before the planned date on 1 September, Germany began its offensive against Poland (which ignited World War II). The tinnie is complete with a functional pin/catch construction. Nice example in good condition!

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