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Ww2 Italian Fronte Russo Veterans (Badge Italiaanse vrijwilligers Oostfront)

This badge was awarded to Italian troops that served on the Eastern front between June 22, 1941 and June 5, 1943. It was issued for the first time in March 1943. Not only Italian soldiers were awarded. German soldiers attached to the C.S.I.R. and the 8th Army Corps were also awarded the badge.

€ 145,00

Silvered bronze with teal enamels, maker marked "F.M. LORIOLI FRATELLI VIA F. BRONZETTI 25, MILANO" and marked "MODELLO DEPOSITATO No. 38" (Registered Model) on the reverse, illustrating crossed downward-pointing Cossack sabres, overlaying a wreath composed of thorns (for suffering) on the left and oak leaves (for heroism) on the right, tied together at the top with a Savoy knot, ribbon banner at the base inscribed "FRONTE RUSSO", 43.3 mm x 43.5 mm, angled pinback, scattered silvering wear, light contact, good condition

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